Vincent Persichetti (1915-1987, American)

I’ve heard a respectable amount of Persichetti, and most notably his symphonies and piano sonatas. I’ve reviewed all those on but need to transfer those reviews over here, and the interesting exchange I had with noted critic and champion of the “American Conservatives” (composers, I mean…) Walter Simmons.

In the meanwhile, the only piece that I’ve reviewed here is Persichetti’s Serenade No. 6 for trombone, viola and cello, on Etcetera KTC 1284, part of their 3-CD survey of the Dutch New Trombone Collective, KTC 1355. The piece is no great shakes, but its slightly thorny and mildly dissonant edges come as a welcome relief after the safely tonal and predictable pieces that comprise that particular CD within the set.

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