Tunde Jegede (1972, English)

My only encounter with Tunde Jegede and his music is a short piece for string quartet, “Dancing in the Spirit”, in the recital by The Smith Quartet, “Dance”, an album of “Classical meets World- and Dance-music” illustrated also by the Kronos Quartet and the Balanescu Quartet, and Jegede’s piece is very typical of the genre, in turn nostalgic, songful, and dance-like. Entertaining, easy-listening, and that’s it.

Since the CD contains presentations of the works but none of the composers, I went to Jegede’s Wikipedia entry, to discover that he was born in England to a Nigerian father and English mother, that he went back to Africa to become a skilled kora player, that he specializes in the West African classical music tradition, and that he is a “composer and multi-instrumentalist in contemporary classical, African and pop music”.

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