Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787, German)

Where else to start a collection of classical music than with Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)? That is, alphabetically, at least. And he’d be followed, alphabetically if not chronologically, by another Abel, Clamor Heinrich, actually his grandpa’, who lived a century before. In fact, there’s a degree of controversy on who should come first, since some CDs spell Carl, Karl, which makes him second. Anyway, Pierre Abélard, the 12th-century polymath, hapless lover of Heloise d’Argenteuil, castrate, monk and composer comes close third. But to be entirely honest, go to the International Music Scores Library Project, they have dozens of names before Abel. But none have entered my collection.

Musically speaking, of course, Abel is not where anyone should start a collection. But still, he’s one of those valuable minor masters of the classical era who wrote very entertaining music then, and still entertaining today. I’ve reviewed a few CDs of music of Abel, and every time I ask myself if I can review yet another disc of Abel, my answer is always: “yes I caïn!”

Chamber Music. La Stagione. Cpo 999 209-2 (1994)

4 Flute Concertos. Karl Kaiser, La Stagione, Michael Schneider. Cpo 999 208-2 (1993)

Ouvertures & Sinfonias. Il Fondamento, Paul Dombrecht. Vanguard Classics 99703 (1994), Passacaille 903 (2002)

Symphonies op. 10. La Stagione, Michael Schneider. Cpo 999 207-2 (1993)


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