Barry Anderson (1935-1987)

To put it bluntly: Barry Anderson, born in 1935 in New Zealand, is the guy who created, at IRCAM, Boulez’ electronic studio in Paris, all the electronics for Harrison Birtwistle’s The Mask of Orpheus, didn’t get recognition – and first from the composer himself – for his work and for what he saw as his co-authorship, and then, when his recognition as a composer was about to happen (IRCAM having commissioned a piece), died (a few hours after the premiere of the work, Arc, on 27th May 1987), for causes that may include exhaustion from the work done for Birtwistle. What’s left of him is not even an entry on Wikipedia, just these two CDs, published by the label Continuum in 1989 and masterminded by composer Stephen Montague, an associate and friend of Anderson from 1975 to his death and a fine composer in his own right.

Mask (Mask. Two Songs Penyeach. Sound the Tucket Sonance… And the Note to Mount. Colla Voce). Continuum CCD 1008 (1989)

Arc and other electronic works. Continuum CCD 1009 (1989)


Additional info and resources:
On the inception of Birtwistle’s The Mask of Orpheus and the role of Anderson:

Excerpts from David Beard, Kenneth Gloag & Nicholas Jones’ “Harrison Birtwistle Studies

Carl Faia: “Collaborative Computer Music Composition and the Emergence of the  Computer Music Designer“, PhD dissertation, Brunel University London, search on Anderson and see chapter 5 “Conclusions” (it’s a .pdf document, it may take some time to download)

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