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As of August 2016, as I’m taking the first steps to create this website, I’ve written over 2,500 reviews on, and one of the reasons for quitting posting them on Amazon and setting up my own website is that Amazon doesn’t provide any possibility to establish convenient indexes to access them. If ever you chanced on one of my reviews and wanted to read more, the only way you could do it was to go to My Profile and scroll down my reviews in reverse chronological order of posting, last one first. Well, fine if you just want to browse through my latest reviews, but what if you wanted to read every review I wrote of Mahler’s music ? Good luck on scrolling down my more than 2,500 reviews in the hope of finding what you are looking for.

So one of the purposes of this website is to provide many different possible and convenient entries into my reviews – the kind I use myself in my own searches: by composer, by performer, by label, by chronological period and styles, etc. So here you go:

By clicking on the Composer’s Index, you will be directed to the alphabetical index of the composers I’ve reviewed, from Carl-Friedrich Abel to Ellen Taffee Zwillich, and from there you will be able to access the reviews and the info about the CDs.

The Performer’s Index will direct you, not to the list of ALL the performers that I’ve reviewed – there would be simply too many – but of those for whom I have a particular interest, or those whose CD doesn’t lend itself easily to an indexing by composers, and from there you will be able to access the reviews relative to those performers.

There are so many composers! The famous and the obscure, the towering giants and those blighted by their shadow. When does Dunstable come compared to Tallis, before or after? And Haydn and Stamitz? Who’s Medieval and who’s Renaissance? First for my own use and for sorting out those matters of chronology, I’ve made various chronological lists of composers, which I’ve found extremely useful – if only to realize how MANY composers there have been in history. So if, say, you want to know everything I’ve reviewed in Medieval music, Renaissance music, Beethoven and his many now obscure contemporaries, or 20th Century music, take a look at my Chronological Index.

I particularly follow certain labels, and you will find them (and not ALL the labels of which I’ve reviewed this or that CD) in my Label’s Index, with redirection from there to the individual reviews. See also my discographies.

I rarely review anything else but Classical music – but I sometimes do, non-Classical, films, books, and my Other Stuff Index lists it.

Finally, for those who’d just want to know “what’s new”, I have an index of my latest activity and reviews.

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