Saskia Apon (1957, Dutch)

Hey, what’s this about, Etcetera? Saskia Apon is the only female composer featured on the Dutch New Trombone Collective‘s 3-CD collection on Etcetera KTC 1355, with her Trombone Quartet, and the paragraph about her gets omitted in the English translation! She’s there in Dutch, in French, in German, but not for the English-readng audience! OOOOOH!

Anyway, I found her bio on the website of music publisher Warwick: “She studied the harp with Margot Flipse-Broeders at the Rotterdam Conservatory. As a self-taughtcomposer-arranger she wrote many original works and arrangements for different brass combinations. Saskia Apon is the Rotterdam Philharmonic Brass’ arranger in residence.”

The Trombone Quartet is an okay piece, especially its dynamic and pointillistic second movement.


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