Saint Godric (c. 1065-1170, English)

Saint Godric of Finchale is represented in my collection through his Four Marian Songs on the program of English Songs of the Middle Ages recorded by the Ensemble for Medieval music Sequentia, first CD edition Deutsche Harmonia Mundi CDC 7 49192 2 (1988), said to be the earliest extant non-anonymous English songs. The rest of the CD features indeed anonymous songs, which belong to the first that have been transmitted to us written on texts in English (as opposed to Latin). It is a marvelous disc, and one of its interests is, indeed, hearing the fascinating strains of Old English, a language both entirely alien and strangely familiar.

Wikipedia gives St. Godric’s dates as “c. 1065-1170”, which make him a near-contemporary of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), but also die suspiciously old. But after all what else can you expect of a Medieval Saint.