Robert Moran (1937, American)

At his worst, Robert Moran is possibly the worst minimalist, one of the most inclined to write cloyingly sentimental string-pullers that make me cringe. Glass, Nyman, Bryars also go there at their worst, but Moran’s worst seems even worse than theirs.

But you should never despair of mankind, and even Moran has his good moments.

I still need to transfer my Moran reviews from So far:

Music from the Towers of the Moon (1991) performed by the Balanescu Quartet in Balanescu Quartet plays David Byrne, Robert Moran, John Lurie, Michael Torke. Argo 436 565-2 (1992). “Of the four composition, only Moran’s ‘Music from the Towers of the Moon’ (…) disappoints. (…) It is only ‘pretty’, sentimental and sweet like a sugar candy.