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Lambert Hendricks and Ross “Sing A Song Of Basie” CD reissues

Original and outlandish Jazz vocalist Lauren Newton, a champion of extended vocal techniques, on Lauren Newton: Filigree. hatOLOGY 519 (1998)

The music, by Bernice Johnson Reagon, of an “Afro-American” musical created and directed by Robert Wilson, “The Temptation of Saint Anthony”. Musically, it’s mixture of all kind of Afro-American popular styles, gospel, Negro Spiritual, R&B, funk, blues, and even a touch of Indian Raga somewhere.


Les Tambours du Bronx: “ça sonne pas beau un bidon?!?” on Eurobond Just In Distribution JD EUR 760 303 (1989?) or Fnac Music FM 760303 (1990?) and Les Tambours du Bronx: Monostress 225L on FNAC Music 592048 (1992) – “boom boom boom”.

Guitar (flamenco)

Manitas de Plata: Gipsy Flamenco. Vanguard OVC 8018 (USA), Vanguard 08 8018 71 (Europe) (1993) and reissues

Manitas de Plata: Olé! Vanguard OVC 8068 (1994) and reissues

“The Flamenco Guitar of Manitas de Plata”, Vanguard 08 9158 72 (2 CDs, 1994). Compilation of the above.

Manitas de Plata at Carnegie Hall, with josé Reyes (singer). Vanguard OVC 8086 (1995)

Los Malagueños: Flamenco. El Malagueño (Antonio Cano), Marino Cano (second guitar), Nena and Conchita Cano (vocals). Harmonia Mundi “Musique d’abord” 190965 (1988) and 195965 (2000)

Guitares gitanes (Gipsy Guitars) by “Los Hermanos Malagueños” (“the brothers from Málaga”), Antonio and Marino Cano. Harmonia Mundi “Plus” HMP 390925 (1994), Harmonia Mundi “Musique d’abord” 195925 (2017)


Men’s Land – Michel Portal invite Mino Cinelu, Jack de Johnette, Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Dave Liebman, Harry Pepl (rec. live 30 May 1987). Label Bleu LBLC 6513 (1987/8)

Stop & Go. Martin Classen Quartet. Acoustic Music 319.1033.2 (1993)

Spoken word, theatre

Racine’s Phèdre by Compagnie Marie Bell, recorded in 1965. Review in French. See also my blog post from 25 September 2017.


Berceuses du Monde Entier (Lullabies from Around the World): Berceuses françaises (French lullabies) by Colette Magny / Berceuses Yiddisch (Yiddish Lullabies) by Talila /  Berceuses russes (Russian Lullabies) by Marina Vlady / Berceuses Celtes des Iles Britanniques (Celtic Lullabies from the British Isles) by Brenda Wootton / Berceuses Noires (Black Lullabies) by Naomi Moody / Berceuses créoles-Haiti (Creole Lullabies of Haiti) by Toto Bissainthe / Music Box Lullabies. Chant du Monde LDX 200312 (1990), CML 500312 (1995), 500312 (2004)

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