Narciso Yepes (1927-1997, Spanish)

Narciso Yepes used to claim that he was the author, still a young teen-ager, of the famous “Romance” that provides the main soundtrack of René Clément’s 1952 feature-film Jeux Interdits (Forbidden Game), but it was demonstrated that he wasn’t, since the melody had been documented and recorded before he was born. Maybe he heard it as a child and it crept into his psyche so profoundly that he sincerely thought he had come up with it. Anyway, he is now credited as the arranger, which is good enough.

Although the “Romance” is now viewed as “the music of Jeux Interdits”, in fact the soundtrack included other arrangements by Yepes. The 6’14 minutes of the track called “Jeux Interdits”, on the compilation of recordings made by Yepes for French Decca in the 1950s and early 1960s, published on CD on Accord 139225 (1986) or 222032 “Jeux Interdits / Forbidden Games”, include Yepes’ arrangements of Robert de Visée’s Sarabande and Bourrée and of an anonymous Catalan song, “The Testament of Amelia”. The CD also features pieces of Granados, Mateo and Isaac Albéniz, Sor, Tàrrega, Bach and Rodrigo, and is as good an introduction to the art of Yepes as you will find.