Luciano Berio: Sinfonia (Swingle Singers, New York Philharmonic, Berio), Nones, Concerto for 2 pianos (Bruno Canino & Antonio Ballista, London Symphony Orchestra, Berio), Allelujah II (BBC Symphony Orchestra, Berio & Boulez). Sony 88765499922 (2013)

“Prophets of the New” – Luciano Berio: Sinfonia (original version in 4 movements). The Swingle Singers, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Berio / Nones, Concerto for 2 pianos. Bruno Canino & Antonio Ballista, London Symphony Orchestra, Berio / Allelujah II. BBC Symphony Orchestra, Berio & Boulez. Sony 88765499922 (2013), barcode 887654999221



Sinfonia recorded 12 October 1968 at the Philharmonic Hall, New York (two days after world premiere). Originally released on Columbia Masterworks MS-7268 (1969)
Allelujah II recorded August 1974 at Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London
Nones and Concerto for 2 pianos recorded 7 & 8 April 1975 in Kingsway Hall, London. Originally released with Allelujah II on RCA Red Seal ARL1-1674 and RL 11674 (1976)


Nones, Allelujah II and Concerto previously reissued to CD in Japan, Tower Records RCA “Precious Selection 1000” No. 25, TWCL-4026 (2007), barcode 4997184876193



Also released as CD 34 in “Pierre Boulez the Complete Columbia Album Collection”, (61 CDs) Sony (2014), barcode 88843013332

LP Sources:

Sinfonia. (Gatefold opening) Columbia Masterworks MS-7268 (1969)

see review in High Fidelity, August 1969 (courtesy of, an invaluable online source – link will open new tab to .pdf facsimile)

French edition (LP) CBS “Music of Our Time” S 34-61079 (1969)


Review by Harry Halbreich in Harmonie, April 1969

UK edition CBS “Music of Our Time” 61079 with Visage for magnetic tape and the voice of Cathy Berberian (1969)




Reissue 1983 with Bartok Music for Strings Percussion & Celesta conducted by Bernstein, CBS Masterworks Portraits MP-38779, barcode 07464387791 (US edition), 60259, no barcode (Europe)



Nones, Allelujah II, Concerto for 2 pianos. RCA ARL1-1674 or RL 11674 (1976) with liner notes by Joshua Berrett. Recipient of the the 1977 Koussevitzky International Recording Award












ARL1-1674 reissued in 1979 with new liner notes by Berio (review in Fanfare March-April 1980):









Nones and Concerto for Two Pianos reissued on RCA Gold Seal GL 89666 (Italian edition, 1985):




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