Joseph Martin Kraus: Symphonies. Concerto Köln. Phoenix Edition PE 424 (2009)

Joseph Martin Kraus: Eight Symphonies. Concerto Köln. Phoenix Edition PE 424 (2009), barcode 811691014241






Recorded 13-16 June 1991 and 4-8 March 1992 at Kulturforum, Kempen, Germany

Useful, but not cheap, reissues
20 July 2017

2009 reissue of Capriccio 10 396 and 10 430, on what is now the associate label of Capriccio (see here about that story – link will open Capriccio’s webpage in a new tab) – but seeing the prices demanded for it on your customary websites at the time of writing, I don’t dare call it Capriccio’s “budget” label – in fact, as convenient as it may be to have the eight symphonies recorded by Concerto Köln on a twofer, it remains much cheaper to buy the two original CDs on the marketplace.

In these excellent, dynamic readings of Concerto Köln, demonstration is made once again that not only did Mozart and Haydn compose fine and enjoyable symphonies in the 1780s. See my detailed reviews of the original instalments, with barcodes you can copy to search for them on commercial websites.


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