Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909, Spanish)

I’ve reviewed nothing significant so far of Albéniz – can’t wait for the day(s and weeks) when I have time to do a thorough comparative review of Iberia… well… I’m saying that, but I’ve already waited decades, so I guess I’ll wait some more. May I be granted 200 years of life and hearing!

Just guitar arrangements of Rumores de la Caleta, No. 6 from the piano cycle Recuerdos de Viaje op. 72, and of the piece known as Leyenda, which is in fact the Prelude of Chants d’Espagne op. 292, posthumously included under the title “Asturias (Leyenda)” in the First Suite española op. 47 (see Wikipedia for the details on this and eternal gratitude again), played by Narciso Yepes on a compilation of recordings on Accord 139225 (1986) or 222032, “Jeux Interdits / Forbidden Games” (with works of Anonymous/Yepes, Granados, Sor, Mateo Albéniz, Tàrrega, Bach, Falla, Rodrigo). The arrangements are uncredited but they sound great, as if the pieces had originally been composed for the guitar and later transcribed for piano, and that is truly the spirit of that music.