Giuseppe (Joseph-Marie) Cambini (1746-18??, Italian)

The excellent entry on Wikipedia isn’t sure exactly when Cambini was born and exactly where and when he died – options for the latter are Holland in 1818 or Paris in 1825, but any actual traces of him disappear after 1811. He was born and trained in Italy but established in Paris in the early 1770s, where he was extremely successful (so much so that a symphony of the unknown Joseph-Martin Kraus was published under his name) and spent at least 20 years and probably closer to thirty, living through the turmoil of the revolution.

An extremely prolific composer, but so far I’ve reviewed only a very minor (but pleasant) work of his, Six patriotic airs with variations for two violins, by Luis Michal and Marta Carfi, on Musiques de la Révolution française – Hommage du monde – L’Europe (Davaux, Cambini, Kreutzer), Cybelia CY 841 (1988)