Domenico Gabrielli (1651 or 1659-1690, Italian)

Don’t confuse Domenico GabrieLLi with two Ls and uncle-and-nephew Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli with only one. The latter are from Venice, the former from Bologna, and they are not related.

I sorted that point out for myself on the occasion of my review of the 2-CD compilation from Vanguard Europe, “The Virtuoso Trumpet”, 08 9136 72 barcode 3351479136729 (they mis-spelt the name with one L). That’s a review I haven’t yet transferred from Amazon, but here’s the link.

Domenico came back momentarily in my life with his Ricercare, played by solo trombone, as I was listening to Etcetera KTC 1284, part of Etcetera’s 3-CD set of the Dutch New Trombone Collective, KTC 1355. Not a very significant piece.

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