Darius Milhaud (1892-1974)

I haven’t always warmed up to the music of Milhaud – I hear something contrived in his all-pervading humor that I find very artificial, and his typical polytonality can be grating on the ear. But, with more listening I must be changing, and more recently I’ve heard works of Milhaud that I’ve enjoyed, like Pacem in Terris and L’Homme Et Son Désir on Vanguard Classics, which I haven’t yet imported from Amazon.

So far the only Milhaud review I’ve transferred here is Music for Prague and Symphony No. 10, by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra unde the composer, live 20 May 1966 (with Honegger: Symphony No. 2 under Charles Munch, a live performance from 1957) on Multisonic 31 0022-2 (1990)

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