Balanescu Quartet

Alexander Balanescu got in the limelight first for being the leader of the Michael Nyman Band from 1979 to 1994. He established his quartet in 1987 and, other than playing and recording the minimalists (very beautiful quartets by Nyman, Bryars, Volans), they found their niche in a “classical-meets-progressive rock” crossover style, in the wake of the “classical-meets-world-music” style developped by The Kronos Quartet. It produced a couple of entertaining CDs.


Michael Nyman: String Quartets 1-3. Argo 433 092-2 (1991)

Gavin Bryars: After the Requiem. ECM New Series ECM 1424 847 537-2 (1991), barcode 042284753722, 781182142428

David Byrne: High Life, Robert Moran: Music from the Towers of the Moon, John Lurie: Stranger than Paradise, Michael Torke: Chalk. Argo 436 565-2 (1992)

Possessed (works of Kraftwerk, David Byrne, Alexander Balanescu). Mute Records Limited CDSTUMM 111 (UK), 61421-2 (US), Int 846.887 (Germany), ALCB-674 (Japan) (1992), Universal Music Romania 4811724 (2015) and other editions

Luminitza (works of Alexander Balanescu and Clare Connors). Mute Records Limited CDSTUMM 124 (UK), 61630-2 (USA), 74321 186072 (France), INT 846.911 (Germany), Pony Canyon PCCY-00549 (Japan) (1994), Universal Music Romania 4811726 and other editions

Kevin Volans: String Quartet No. 2 “Hunting : Gathering”, String Quartet No. 3 “The Songlines”. Argo 440 687-2 (1994)

Alexander Balanescu: Angels & Insects (music for the 1995 film by Philip Haas). Mute CD STUMM 147 (1995), (Germany) Intercord INT 846.928, (Japan) Pony Canyon PCCY-00899 (1998), Universal Music Romania 4811725 (2015)

Gavin Bryars: The Last Days (String Quartets Nos. 1 “Between the National and the Bristol” & 2, Die letzten Tage/The Last Days for Two Violins). Argo 448 175-2 (1995)

Alexander Balanescu: Maria T. With Steve Arguelles (percussion). Mute CDSTUMM242 (Europe), Mute 9286-2 (US) (2005), Universal Music Romania 4811723 (2015)

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