Anonymous Medieval

Judging from the discs’ track listings, Anonymous was a composer particularly active in the Middle Ages, and gifted with superhuman longevity. As he grew older though his inspiration seems to have progressively waned somewhat, and the closer we get to our time, the lesser he is represented. But the great thing about him is how he was able to evolve stylistically and always adapt to the new times.

Here are the CDs of his music that I’ve reviewed so far, in rough chronological order of compositions.

English Songs of the Middle Ages. Sequentia. First ediion Deutsche Harmonia Mundi CDC 7 49192 2 (1988)

Shining Light / Lumière – Music from Aquitanian Monasteries (12th Century). Sequentia. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472-77370 2 / 05472 77666 2 (1996)