Andrew Poppy (1954, English)

My only encounter so far with Andrew Poppy and his music is the short piece for string quartet, “Definitely Disco” (2009), written for The Smith Quartet and featured on their recital published by Signum Classics, Dance, in 2011. I hear therein not so much a take on disco music – thank God no boombox and deafening pulsing basses and no John Travolta – as repetitive, propulsive, upbeat and dance-like music that Michael Nyman could have composed. Enjoyable, entertaining – and that’s about it.

For more on Poppy see his bio on Wikipedia, where he is called, not so courteously but I guess correctly, “one of the least internationally known of British minimalist composers”. More about him and his works on his official website, which I find complicated to use (where do I look for a catalog of compositions, unde “read”, “perform”, “find”?), but filled with info.

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