Aldo Clementi (1925-2011, Italian)

Ah the good ol’ days of the seralist avant-garde, when contemporary music was stern, intractable, thorny, thick, overbearing, unseductive. And Italian Aldo Clementi was one of its great champions. That said, if you have an ear for that kind of music, it may offer fascinations of its own. Besides scattered works on collection discs, I have two CDs of Clementi’s music in my collection:

Opere scelte (selected works), a monographic disc from Dischi Ricordi’s contemporary music collection (CRMCD 1004),¬†collating recordings from the Italian radio of works composed between 1977 and 1985 (Capriccio for viola and 24 instruments, Cent Sopirs for chamber choir and 24 winds, AEB for 17 instruments, Concerto for violin, 40 instruments and carillons, Fantasie su Giorgio Moench for solo violin, Intermezzo for 14 winds and prepared piano)

Madrigale, a collection of stern but, in the end, fascinating canons, composed between 1956 and 1997, on Hat[now]ART 123


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