More Telemann beauties

In my previous review of another installment in Hänssler Classic’s cycle of Telemann cantatas under the baton of Ulrich Stötzel (Hänssler 98.047 from 2015), I wondered if I had reached the curve of diminishing returns. Not that those “Festive Cantatas” (meaning, apparently, with trumpets and timpani) were less beautiful than the other Festive Cantatas that I had listened to and reviewed just before (Hänssler 98.179, from 1997) – but they were very similar, and whatever their beauties, they seemed to just make more use of the same compositional processes, colors and twists, rather than renew them.

I am happy to report, then, that no, I haven’t grown jaded, and the three cantatas featured on Hänssler 98.624 (2011) continue to offer great beauties, here enhanced by the use of concertante oboes and recorders. Viva Telemann!



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