Three editions of Josef Krips’ Everest recording of Beethoven’s complete Symphonies (1960): a sonic comparison

Following the friendly prompting of reader John Bar under my discography of the audiophile reissues of the Everest catalog, I pulled out of my shelves and boxes the three editions I have in my collection of Josef Krips’ 1960 recording of the complete Beethoven Symphonies made for Everest, and made a comparative assessment of their sonics. No interpretive comment yet, although sampling various movements for sonics left me under the impression that Krips’ approach was very traditional and “kapellmeisterisch”. The verdict is: avoid Fat Boy, Everest is the best, but with a few provisos (the major one pertaining to the Finale of the 9th Symphony), Tin Can is a good backup option if you do not want to shell out the sums now demanded for the prized Everest set on the marketplace.