Ten Years After: Silvestrov gone

No, this is not an obituary. Unfortunate that I should be posting this today, when all you want to do is to shower praise, admiration and solidarity to everything Ukrainian, but it has happened today. I’ve sold on the Amazon marketplace my CD of Valentin Silvestrov‘s piano “bagatelles” (as he himself calls them), performed by Jenny Lin on Hänssler Classics (“Nostalghia“). It is exceedingly rare that I put back on sale a record that has entered my collection – but I had so detested that one that it went directly in the “togo” box (meaning that I prayed never to have to hear it again). It then took 10 years for someone to buy it – you’ve got to have patience with these things. But at least one good came out of that: I took the opportunity to repost here my review of that CD, and two others of Silvestrov. See my Silvestrov introductory page for the links, or search “Silvestrov” in the search engine.

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