My 2014 Tippett discography, now available online

Following my blogpost of this morning, recounting the circumstances in which, back in 2014, I had compiled a hopefully complete discography of Michael Tippett for his publisher Schott of London (who didn’t do much with it), and thanks to reader Mark Meldon’s kind invitation to publish it on my website – done. Click here and it will open a new tab with the discography in pdf form, which you can read online and/or download.

I haven’t updated the discography but – sadly for the composer, but fortunately for the discographer – not much has happened on the Tippett discographic front since 2014. The composer seems to be undergoing the fate of many excellent composers after their death: oblivion. May the republication of the discography serve, in whatever minuscule way, to rekindle some interest for the music of Tippett.


3 thoughts on “My 2014 Tippett discography, now available online”

  1. Thank you very much, Discophage. I agree that it is sad that Tippett is ‘under the radar’ at the moment, despite the brilliant biography published a couple or so years ago.

      1. MUCH welcome, Dave! Just sorry it took me so long to repost it. It wasn’t all that much of a work, contrary to my expectations. Now my objective is to repost my Tippett reviews from Amazon. Cheers.

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