Discophage indeed!

Although it is trivial, I’ve got to share this.

Yesterday I received a message that first puzzled me, sent through the contact form of my website. Those messages are transferred directly to me in the form of e-mails, and I receive an amount of spam through that contact form: serious correspondents use the comment space, by which the messages can be posted at the end of the relevant page. So initially I thought it was more spam, and I was about to ditch it without even reading.

But on second perusal it appeared that it was something else:

From: basia
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2021 7:24 PM
From: basia <email address>
Subject: searching  album/recording
Message Body:
I’m in search for an album a duo from  Les Etoiles
singers Rolando Faria & Luiz Antonio, Les Etoiles – 1982 – LP (2021)
1979 au Discophage, à Paris (album live sorti en 1980 et réédité en 1991)
any information will be appreciated!
thank you basia

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on My Website (https://discophage.com)

Yes the e-mail mixed French and English so I suppose the person is located in France. So here’s my response:

Hello BasiaAnd why are you asking me ? Because the album, CY Records 733.604, was recorded live at the end of the 1970s at a night club in Paris, located “rue des Ecoles” and called “Discophage Sarava”, and my website, 40 years later, is called discophage.com ? Frankly, the link is very tenuous….

Anyway, it’s very easy to find info online about that album, and you mustn’t have tried very hard. First of all, it’s been uploaded on YouTube if you want to hear it

From there, you can easily find the LP on sale, and for pretty cheap, on eBay:

The CD reissue has also been uploaded on YouTube

…and from the backcover photo that appears at 32:00 it is easy to retrieve the barcode information: 3229261079229

…making it easy to locate the CD on all online commercial websites, like Amazon.fr

It might be of interest to you to know that discogs.com also documents a 45rpm titled “Rolando / Luiz Antonio Au Discophage Sarava”, apparently a promotional copy issued at the time of the performances, with four songs that don’t seem to be on the LP: https://www.discogs.com/fr/Rolando-Luiz-Antonio-Au-Discophage-Sarava/release/3995500

It has also been uploaded on YouTube

…and, if you are ready to shell out 35€ for four songs, it is currently on sale on Rakuten: https://fr.shopping.rakuten.com/offer/buy/54792056/Rolando-Luiz-Antonio-Au-Discophage-Sarava-45-Tours.html

All this research, which is way out of my own scope of interest and which frankly you could have done yourself, took about half an hour of my time: so if I charge you 5 €, which is less of an hourly rate than a cleaning person, I think it is fair, right?

Best wishes


BTW, the music is Brazilian disco. Reminds me, when I started publishing reviews on Amazon.com, some ten years ago, and some dunce took me to task in a comment for chosing the alias “discophage” – because it contained “disco”, so that made me a fan of disco music. Well there we are.

On what research and findings the internet now allows, my favorite story is the one of the mystery Vanguard Mahler recording.

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