Not the kind of stuff that I usually buy and review… but there’s always endless ramifications to the simplest things

Not the kind of stuff I usually buy and review, but… I chanced on this one as I was working on a discography of the French label Chant du Monde, and I thought it would make a nice gift for a friend of mine who just had a baby. I wasn’t even going to consider reviewing it… and then one thing led to the other, and even the apparently simplest, most unconspicuous things can lend themselves to very elaborate reviews, once you start digging… So, that story is told under my review of Berceuses du Monde Entier (Lullabies from Around the World) sung by Colette MagnyTalila, Marina Vlady, Brenda Wootton, Naomi Moody and Toto BissaintheChant du Monde LDX 200312 (1990), CML 500312 (1995), 500312 (2004).

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