18 March 2018

Not much activity these days on Discophage.com, busy on other activities, but fortunately, time enough for a great discovery, Josep Mir i Llusà: Missa in D Major, Stabat Mater, Quomodo Obscuratum Est, Lauda Jerusalem on Musièpoca MEPCD-004 (2011). one among thousands of now completely forgotten composers from the baroque and classical era, the Catalan-born Mir i Llussà (c. 1700 – 1764) appears to have been highly regarded in his lifetime and country, but despite Scarlatti and Soler, Spain was too far from the major cultural centers of Europe for Mir i Llussà’s to gain a widespread recognition and publications that would have ensured his survival in the eyes of posterity. Yet his choral works featured on that CD don’t sound to my ears immensely inferior to, nor stylistically more backward-looking than the great masterpieces of Gossec, Haydn and Mozart.

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