16 February 2018

Morning. Another non-response from the Amazon asses: “I have checked your profile and I can confirm that all your reviews in you profile are all active

Not on my screen, and no more today than the days before.  Are you accessing My Profile through your private in-house network, or are you going through the public internet as the rest of us users do?

So, e-mails won’t do. Can’t call them, because they accept calls from the US and associated territories only. So I chatted, and at least I was able to send a screen caption of what shows up on my screen. Said they “forwarded your images to the concern team they will contact you back in 24hrs via email please do not worry“. Sure I worry, I worry like hell, knowing the efficiency and responsiveness of the Behemoth which Amazon has become. But we’ll see. The battle continues. Don’t give up hope. (to be fair, the chat agent gave me an e-mail address where to send my photo caption and that went very smoothly).

And with all that, yesterday evening, I pulled out my scores of Honegger’s symphonic works from the shelves, and started listening again to Symphony No. 1. Listened to the first movements of Tabachnik, Baudo, Plasson and Rozhdestvensky. Need to hone my ears back in discriminating shape, because I found them all excellent (which I did in my original reviews, but you’d like to be able to make the finest distinctions). I was even more impressed by Rozhdestvensky that my review from 5 years ago reflects. I called is movement somewhat lacking “bite and fury” because of his very deliberate tempo, but I don’t find so. Lacking fury, maybe, but certainly not bite, and even less massive power, because the sonics are so stupendous and the orchestral presence so awesome. Five years ago I was already a bit embarrassed to find a word to characterize it: not “pastoral”, but “more playful”. Well, not pastoral, that’s for sure, it is so NOT pastoral that I deleted that sentence entirely. I kept the “more playful”, but it’s for want of a better characterization, and added a mention about the massive power, because that’s what strikes me now.

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