14 February 2018


Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 7:47 AM
Subject: A message from Communities

Hello Discophage,

Thank you for writing in.

I have reviewed your profile and found active reviews appearing between April 2009 and August 2016. Here is a link to your Profile:


We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Best regards,




Now, of course, I click on the link, which takes me to My Profile, and I see ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE from yesterday, eg all my reviews between April 29 2009 and August 18 2016 DO NOT show up on My Profile:


Inept, incompetent Amazon asses. I wrote back.



And the Amazon nightmare continues. Minutes later (hey, that was quick!), I receive an answer:

Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 11:15 AM
Subject: RE:[CASE 4875863951] Issues with a website feature

Dear Seller,

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a selling account (reichenbachedouard@gmail.com) connected to the email address you sent your message from.

For account confidentiality reasons, we do not release account information to email addresses other than the one associated with your Amazon.com selling account.

Please re-send your message using the email address associated with your selling account.

If you no longer use that email, please update the email address on file for your account.

As a security precaution, we ask sellers to change their email addresses directly on our website. This ensures that the user requesting the change knows the current login credentials for the existing seller account. This prevents any unwelcomed changes.

To change your email address:

1. Log in to Seller Central
2. In the **Settings** section, select **Login Settings**
3. On the **Login Settings** page, in the **Password Settings** section, click **Change**.
4. On the **Password Settings** page, enter both your **Old password** and your **New password**
5. Click **Submit**

Thank you for your understanding of our account security precautions.

I hope that the above information helps you. However, If you need any further assistance, feel free and get back to us and be assured that we will be more than happy to assist you again.

Have a lovely day ahead!

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


Resounding NO. The support provided was TERRIBLE! In fact, I see that it’s partly my fault – sort of. I’ve already been subjected to this kind of shit by Amazon – many times. Some time ago, in another one of their customary moves to the worse, they changed the way Help requests were directed to them, and if you picked just about anything other than “Customer reviews” or “Customer discussions”, the requests went to Seller support rather than Customer support. And from there, they’d always send you the generic response, “we can’t find a seller account associated to this e-mail adress”. OF COURSE YOU ASSES, since I’m sending the request NOT in my quality of seller, but as a CUS-TO-MER.

And now things are even worse, because in yet another, and recent, change to even worse, they’ve suppressed all links to “Customer reviews” and/or “Customer discussions” (and of course, they have suppressed the Customer discussion boards altogether). So now, when I try to contact them for problems with Customer reviews or Customer profile, I more or less go on a limb, choosing “Give Amazon Feedback” or “Website features”, and, knowing what’s coming, I am very careful to say explicitly, and in capsize: “This request is sent as CUSTOMER, issue with CUSTOMER reviews, associated with email xxxx@xxxx.xxx, NOT AS SELLER“.

I had in my original request, and I thought I had in my reply to their first answer – but I see now that I had omitted to do so, thinking that, as it was a follow-up on previous exchanges, they’d relate it to those. Fatal mistake: NEVER give credit to the intelligence, competence and care of the bottom-tier who manage Amazon’s daily exchanges with you – and then you can only be happily surprised.

Well – I replied back. To think that they’d style themselves “Earth’s most customer-centric company“!!!! And “Donald Trump, most truthful man in the history of mankind“, I suppose…


And with all that, I was able to repost my two reviews of Gennadi Rozhdestvensky‘s Honegger (recorded in 1985-86), Symphony No. 2 (with the Suite from Phèdre and three excerpts from the music for Abel Gance’s Napoleon) on Olympia OCD 212 / Melodiya MCD 212 (1988), and Symphonies Nos. 1 & 5 on Melodiya MCD 154 (1990) (I have found no trace of an Olympia counterpart for the latter). VERY idiosyncratic readings, marked by VERY slow tempos, but any sense of sluggishness is offset by the extraordinary bite of the Soviet players, abetted by the stupendous Melodiya sonics, which place you in the middle of the orchestra (and, in symphonies 1 & 5, nearer to the back and brass). For that reason, certainly not first choices, but certainly CDs that belong to the collection of the serious Honeggerite.

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