5 February 2018

Today posted review of the Honegger part of Johannes Brams: Symphony No. 2, Arthur Honegger: Symphony No. 3 “Liturgique”. Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch . Multisonic 31 0025-2 (1990). Not a re-post from Amazon, although the review was written back when I was reviewing all that Honegger in 2013, but I hadn’t published it pending review of the Brahms part – and when I’ll do that is anybody’s guess. It’s an important addition to the Munch and Honegger discographies, as it is the only document of Munch in that work.

Same with Les grands concerts inédits du Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, vol. 3. Charles Munch dirige Claude Debussy (Iberia, Fantasie for piano & orchestra w. Nicole Henriot, La Mer), Arthur Honegger (Symphony no. 1), Henry Dutilleux (Symphony No. 2 “Le Double”), Albert Roussel (Bacchus et Ariane Suite No. 2). Orchestre National. 2 CDs Disques Montaigne TCE 8730As with the Liturgique on Multisonics, it is the only documentation of Munch in the First Symphony and it is so far the only part that I’ve reviewed. Thanks to those live First and Third we’ve got the complete picture of Munch in Honegger’s symphonies.

On the other hand, Milhaud: Music for Prague, Symphony No. 10, Honegger: Symphony No. 2. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Darius Milhaud, Charles Munch. Multisonic 31 0022-2 is the respost of a review already published on Amazon. It is possibly Munch’s most intense and raging account of the 2nd Symphony.

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