3 February 2018 – the fight with those fucks at Amazon continues

More transfers yesterday:

Honegger: Symphony No. 2, Symphony No. 4, Une Cantate de Noël. Pierre Mollet, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ernest Ansermet. Decca / London “entreprise” 430 350-2 (1991) and subsequent CD editions

Honegger: Symphony No. 2, Symphony No. 5. Milhaud: Suite provençale op. 152, La Création du Monde. Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch. RCA GD60685 (1991) and subsequent CD editions

Honegger: Pacific 231, Rugby, Pastorale d’été, Une Cantate de Noël. Camille Mauranne, Choeurs & Orchestre National de l’O.R.T.F, Jean Martinon. EMI “L’Esprit français” CDM 7 63944 2 (1991) and subsequent CD editions

Only three, because – hey, lots of work! Finding all the details about the Japanese editions, label numbers, barcodes, relevant cover photos, was extremely time-consuming.

And three added today (that today may have spilled over tomorrow…):

Charles Münch volume 3 “The Münch Brothers conduct Arthur Honegger”: La Danse des Morts, Symphony No. 2 (Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire, Charles Münch), King David – excerpts (Choeurs de Saint Guillaume, Orchestre Municipal de Strasbourg, Fritz Münch).  Dante Lys 292 (1998)

Charles Munch: La France résistante. Arthur Honegger: La Danse des Morts, Symphony No. 2. Jolivet: Les Trois Complaintes du Soldat. Cascavelle Vel 3060 (2005)

Charles Munch in Boston – The Early Years (Previously Unissued Concert Performances 1952-55). 7 CDs West Hill Radio Archives WHRA 6015 (2007) (with Munch’s live and extraordinary performance of La Danse des Morts from December 1952)


And the fight with Amazon continues. So, each time I’m done transferring the review over here, I replace it with a short summary and an invitation to read the longer review on my website. Most of these emended versions have NOT gotten online. I made a request on one the other day and they put it online. I made a new request on the next one yesterday and got the answer: “promotional content”. Nothing else, no pointing our of what exactly is “promotional” and how it is “promotional”. And those fucks not only did not post the summary, they deleted the original version altogether, which had been online for five years. No more review under the entry (it was for the Alpha edition of Honegger by Honegger).

I suspect why: it’s the invitation to visit my website (although the answer to my first request did not raise the issue). Well, I’m playing dumb and fighting back. Anyway I read carefully Amazon’s guidelines about promotional content and it says nowhere that you can’t invite readers to visit your non-commercial website. They even invite you to provide the link to your website on your Profile.

My message to Amazon:

“Re my request that you check why my modification of my review ASIN B000I2KJII (barcode 3760014198021), Arthur Honegger “Rugby” (CD). was not posted, you respond that this new version of my review contains “promtional content” – BUT YOU DON’T SAY WHICH. WHERE, IN WHAT SENTENCE. This is totally unhelpful, I DO NOT KNOW what to fix. Please single out lines or paragraphs that contain promotional content.

I HAVE CAREFULLY READ the guidelines about promotional content, and I don’t see where my review breached them.

I have not created, modified, or posted content regarding my (or my relative’s, close friend’s, associate’s, or employer’s) products or services, my competitors’, or in exchange for compensatition of any kind, or offered or requested compensation, or posted advertisements or sollicitations, including URLs with referrer tags or affiliate codes.

I am not a product brand posting a review for my own product. I am not a customer posting a review in exchange for entry into a contest or sweepstages or membership in a program, or for bonus -in-game contents or credits, or to boost sales, or because I was promised a refund in exchange for the review, or a negative review about a competitor’s product, or a postive review in exchange of someone else’s positive review; etc, etc, etc.

You are mis-applying your own guidelines about promotional content.

In addition, WHY WAS the previous and longer version of that review also deleted? It has been online for 5 YEARS. Did it contain promotional content, too ? Which? Where ?

And the guidelines state that if a review is removed because it contains promotional content, even a modified version without the purported promotional content CANNOT be reposted?

So you pretend there is promotional content in the review which you have not demonstrated, delete the previous version which you DO NOT CLAIM contained promotional content, and then bar me from even reposting review without what you claim was the promotional content (if you can underline what that supposedly was) ?

What is the meaning of this bullying your customers?”

Amazon has moved from being reviewer-friendly to reviewer-hateful. I think it is more through incompetence than intention, but still, in my opinion, they are shooting a bullet in their own foot. Their community, not of “consummers”, but of users, and their reviewing system, was one of the company’s main assets. They are squandering it all.

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