4 December 2017

So, I’m becoming a great specialist of Schumann’s Der Rose Pilgerfahrt. I’ve now reviewed my third version and second with piano accompaniment, conducted by Marcus Creed on Harmonia Mundi, the most “authentic” of the three (to know why, see the review). But I think I’m going to stop there, the work isn’t so good that it warrants endlessly returning to it. I may let myself be tempted by Christoph Spering’s recording of the orchestral version with period instruments, on Opus 111, if I chance on it for cheap enough.

Spent some time working on my discography of French Harmonia Mundi. Huge catalog, difficult to reconstruct because barcodes don’t follow the sequence of the label numbers, and also because of the numerous reissues. It’s always the same story, I just want to check a small detail and I think it’s going to take me a couple of minutes, and then a small thing leads to another small thing…

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