14 November 2017

What have I been doing since my last post? Listening but no time to write or complete the reviews (very frustrating), some discographying – and A LOT of filing, ordering, indexing, shelving. I’m buying so much, taking advantage of incredibly cheap offers on eBay or Amazon, that I’m reaching the point of collapse where I spend more time sorting out what I’ve bought than listening to it.

And then I listen to an inconspicuous disc like “The Rising of the Lark: Haydn’s Welsh Folksong Arrangements” (selection) by Alison Pearce (soprano) and Susan Drake (harp) on Hyperion CDA66104, and what I expected would take me five minutes and four lines to review, turns out to initiate hours of research, just to establish what exactly these performers are playing. Well – deed done.

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