12 October 2017

Since I was on the label Alpha (see my blog post of yesterday), I imported from Amazon the review of another Alpha CD, of French late-Renaissance composer Charles Tessier, “Carnets de voyage”, by Le Poème Harmonique under Vincent Dumestre.

And when I put up René Clemencic‘s Drachenkampf in its rightful alphabetical place on my shelves, he happened to slot in right besides the CDs of Italian Aldo Clementi (that would be followed by Muzio Clementi, but my many Clementi CDs are stacked elsewhere, awaiting thorough comparative listening), so again I took the occasion to import my one review posted on Amazon, for his Madrigale on Hat[now]ART 123. I also pulled out of my shelves for re-listening and reviewing, his monographic CD on Dischi Ricordi CRMCD 1004, with various recordings from the Italian radio of pieces composed between 1977 and 1985. Stay tuned.

I also created the composers entries for Clemencic, Clementi, Durosoir and Tessier. I realize that I’m still missing composer entries for Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges, Jean-Marie Leclair and a number of others from those collection discs of music from the French Revolution that I’ve reviewed lately, and I also have to create those for Leo Hassler, Dowland and Maurice/Moritz de Hesse, all represented on Alpha’s CD of Tessier. Now here’s a real mission. I’ll go shave first.


Later in the day. I’ve shaved, and created those entries for Hassler, Dowland and Moritz de Hesse. Now what new goal may I set to myself?I know. Leclair, Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-George, Méhul, Catel, Duvernoy, Gebauer, Jadin, etc. Ouh la la. At least letting the beard grow back requires no work.

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