18 September 2017

Today someone bought my copy of Voříšek’s piano works by Olga Tverskaya (Opus 111) on Amazon. I had already sold some time ago Radoslav Kvapil‘s traversal of the composer’s complete output on Supraphon. I rarely get rid of my CDs, but the exceptional playing of Artur Pizarro on two CDs published in the mid-1990s by the now-defunct Collins Classics, 14582 and 14772, revealed both the true beauties of Voříšek’s piano music, and how much his two competitors betrayed them. When you have Pizarro in your collection, you don’t need these two others. They don’t add, they subtract.

So I took the occasion of saying goodbye to Tverskaya to transfer all my Voříšek Amazon reviews over here.

Other than that, I’ve been busying myself lately with a CD-discography of the French label Adès – and it is slowly turning into an LP discography as well, but I need to resist that temptation – too time consuming.

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