9 September 2017

Well. I haven’t posted on this daily diary for a number of days, but I haven’t been idle. After posting my Sequentia discography, I remembered that I still need to create a number of composer entries, following reviews I had published of a number of collection discs – I have no problems with those musically, but they are the nightmare of the record collector, because it is always hard to determine where to slot them into your library, and they are also a cataloguing nightmare: a single CD but many entries!

So, going back, the first composer entry I set upon was for François-Joseph Gossec, featured on Concerto Köln’s “La Prise de la Bastille”. Simple enough. But, again, this thing with “the cog motions the wheel and one thing leads to another…”. Since I was creating Gossec’s composer’s entry, it seemed like a nice idea to transfer all my Gossec reviews from Amazon. The only problem is that I’ve reviewed in fact quite a lot of Gossec and other music associated with the French Revolution. So, it took me a little longer than God to create the Universe (but in the meanwhile I was busy also on other chores, and I don’t know that it was the case with God), but now it’s done. I’ve transferred 15 reviews, and took the occasion to review one more which was in my backlog of Gossec CDs to hear (with some more, which I hope to review next). So see my Gossec composer page and its links to many Gossec reviews and other collection CDs of music from the French revolution.

And now I’m thinking that I should transfer all my reviews of Méhul…

And I still MUST complete my discography of Concerto Köln.

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