13 August 2017

Continuing my exploration of Brunetti with his four String Quartets, recorded in 2001 by the Schuppanzigh Quartet on Cpo. I may not be as enthusiastic as with the symphonies, the music is written mostly in a galant and charming style and has little of the emotional turmoil associated to “Sturm & Drang” or pre-romanticism, but still, within their merry, galant and charming style, the quartets offers many ear-catching surprises, great instrumental verve and an irresistible joy of music-making.

I’ve also busied myself today with a discography of the RCO label – the label of the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam. They published seven (in fact, five. The two early ones were published by another label from the Dutch radio) great historical anthologies of the Concertgebouw, from rare, broadcast recordings , which I all have, and, since 2004, a series of SACDS documenting live concerts, mainly by Jansons, since he was their music director all that long.  I might publish it for eveybody’s usage. But…. time. These things take time, it’s one thing to compile a discography for my own use, it can be written in shorthand, and it’s something else to publish it for general usage, where everything needs to be made explicit and clean.

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