30 July 2017

I’ve been busying myself with a number of things these last few days – one has been to create the composers’ entries for those CDs which I’ve transferred over here, like Concerto Köln’s La Prise de la Bastille (Davaux, Martin, Dittsersdorf, Gossec). So I went on to create the entry for Dittersdorf… and, one thing leading to the other and one’s hands and time being easily trapped in cogwheels, I stopped there for a week. Since I didn’t have so much Dittersdorf in my collection and had reviewed a few on Amazon, I decided to import those reviews here… and of course that led to more activities, like looking at the discography of Dittersdorf, buying some more, compiling various label discographies, etc. Hence my blogging silence for a week.

And with all that, I did listen to other things, Telemann (I have the project to start a Telemann cycle – mainly of his orchestral music -, and have been purchasing. I love the combination (to my ears) of Handel, Rameau and Vivaldi, Vogler – I had been intrigued enough by his Symphony “La Scala” to want to explore more (see my review of Gustavian composers: Uttini, Naumann, Kraus, Vogler. Nationalmuseum Chamber Orchestra, Claude Génetay. Musica Sveciae MSCD 407), and more on CD is more or less limied his Requiem which I ordered, and it turns out to be a fucking extraordinary piece, and cursed be Mozart for reviling Vogler as he did!

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