13 November 2013

Yesterday and today, published my reviews of volumes 2 and 3 of Cpo’s traversal of Hendrik Andriessen’s Symphonic Works:

Hendrik Andriessen: Symphonic Works volume 2 (Symphony No. 2, Ricercare, Mascherata, Wilhelmus van Nassouwe). Netherlands SO, David Porcelijn, Cpo 777 722-2 (2013)

Hendrik Andriessen: Symphonic Works volume 3 (Symphony No. 3, Symphony Concertante, “Chantecler” Overture). Netherlands SO, David Porcelijn, Cpo 777 723-2 (2015)

Pe’l piacer di porle in lista, and to see the huge backlog of unlistened CDs shrink by a few milimeters, and to have three more slotted in on the shelve, between Elfrida Andée and Louis Andriessen (not to neglect the pleasure of listening to the music, of course, not an entirely negligible factor).


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