14 October 2016

Transferred from Amazon my reviews of

Graham Fitkin: Hard Fairy (piano pieces). Argo 444 112-2 (1994)

Dutch Pianists’ Quartet / Nederlands Pianisten Kwartet: Works for two pianos eight hands (Robert Nasveld: Three Pieces for two pianos eight-hands, Theo Loevendie: For Jan, Piet and Klaas, Ton Bruynèl: Rain for 2 pianos 8 hands & sounds, Maurice Ravel: Frontispice for 2 pianos 5 hands, François-Bernard Mâche: Styx, Lethe, Graham Fitkin: Untitled 1, Sciosophy). Attacca Babel 9481 (1994)

…and, since my review of the former referred to this other recording of François-Bernard Mâche’s compositions:

François-Bernard Mâche: Music for Pianos, Maurice Ohana: Sorôn-Ngô. Martine Vialatte, Clotilde Ovigne, Hélène Bellanger, Christine Chareyron, Leonor Lopez Cossani. Naxos 8.557988 (2006)

I also created the missing composers’ entries. Re-reading my review of the Dutch Pianist’s Quartet, dating from May 2015, I saw that I had written, about Ton Bruynèl (a Dutch composer, 1934-1998, with whose work this was my first encounter, influenced by the French “Musique concrète” and whose thing is about mixing acoustic instruments and sounds): “here’s a composer worth exploring further”. Well, now, more than a year later, I can: in May 2016 (not remembering about that comment) I made the acquisition of the ultimate Ton Bruynèl retrospective set, a 6-CD compilation of his works published by CV Near 12, barcode 8713309102123. That’s going to be my next listen.

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