13 October 2016

A small step for mankind but a great step for my website: I’ve figured out how to use the image magnifier plugin. Indispensable. I’ve been and will be posting many scans of CD front and backcovers. And it’s really the backcovers that provide the important information: track listing, performers, sometimes recording information, and, most important of all: barcode, which is the surest why to find the CD on most commercial websites.

But so far, I’ve inserted the photos side by side, at a size that would fit the page when it was almost entirely wide open on a computer screen. This didn’t go to well when width was reduced, photos would then be repositioned on top of each other. And who knows how they look on portable devices with small screens, smartphones and all… And anyway, even at that size, I didn’t find the backcover informaton always very legible.

So I really needed to find a magnifying application like those on Amazon or eBay, by which you can insert the image in smaller size, but then hover over it or click on it and it opens some kind of pop-up window from which you can see the image in much closer detail.

Well, I have. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough. Now of course I have to go back to each of my reviews and change the image settings. Sigh… Oh well, it did serve a purpose. I found a few typos, some missing links and, horror, even some reviews entirely missing their photos! How could I let that pass?

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