19 September 2016

Published my review of Isang Yun: Königliches Thema für violin solo. Quintett für Klarinette und Streichquartett. Piri für Klarinette Solo. Duo für Violoncello und Harfe. Aurophon / Col Legno AU 31808 (1991). Looks simple enough, right, just a review of one CD? But it was a helluvalot o’ work! First, because there’s a lot of comparative listening behind it, and also because, for that very reason, the review makes many references to other recordings, for which I haven’t yet posted the reviews. So, in order to keep those numerous references from just “hanging in the air”, I had to create entries for each of those CDs – and each requires some amount of work and takes some amount of time, scanning the photos or downloading them when I don’t have the CDs (as with Camerata’s reissue series “The Art of Isang Yun”), typing the information, creating the links.

And there’s no rest for me on the 7th day…

Other than that, I was reminded this morning why I’m quitting Amazon – an abysmally stupid and incompetent reply to my request to split one of their entries, because two CDs actually have the same barcode and the entry is only for one of them. Of course I provided all the necessary information to prove my claim – to no avail. Baffling to have to spend so much time and energy to try and override the people who should be welcoming and helping your efforts to try and fix their website. I’m just tired of it. Here I have control over the information that is displayed, and I know it is (except for typos and oversights) accurate.

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