8 September 2016

Ah! Was able to achieve something today….

Bernhard Gander: “Bunny Games”. Klangforum Wien. Kairos 0012682KAI

…and reposted my Amazon.com review from June 2011 of

Rolf Gehlhaar: Diagonal Flying. Solipse. Polymorph. Rondell. Julia Ryder, Peter Jenkins, Trevor Jones, Roger Woodward. Etcetera KTC 1127 (1992)

Listened to the music of Ming Tsao, “Pathology of Syntax”, on Mode 268, barcode 764593026822. I’d never heard of that composer, just looking at the other offers of an eBay seller, saw that one, listened to the 30″ samples on Amazon, decided to give it a try. Interesting, music at the threshold of noise, or noise at the threshold of music. Now, I need to listen again and find the words…

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