2 September 2016

Completed my Isang Yun Introductory page with more discographic information (listing the CDs I’m still missing, which makes the page a fairly complete Yun CD-discography. Missing, so far as I can tell, are only those collection CDs which I don’t have and which include this or that piece of Yun). Compiling that discography yesterday, I realized that the Isang Yun International Society had released, over the years, 10 CDs of  Yun, including some repertoire not available elsewhere. Those CDs have a limited circulation and only very few of them are listed on the Amazons or offered on eBay, which makes them even more a fatal attraction for the record collector and Yun admirer. I just wrote to the Society to inquire if I could purchase them. And I bought a couple more CDs of Yun on Amazon (two were selling cheap enough) and a couple from Eybler, in the wake of my listening of yesteday.

All the while, listening (also in the wake of my Eybler from yesterday) to Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor, which I had received yesterday in the same shipment (the recording by Christoph Spering on Opus 111 OPS 30-116, barcode 3386700301164). It confirms that there has been an infinite amount of beautiful music written over the ages. I won’t review that one soon, I don’t think. As with Von Suppé’s Requiem, I’d need to do serious comparative listening (I haven’t checked if this is the same Requim as recorded by Toscanini and Muti), and it’s not on my plan in the immediate future. Too much vying for one’s attention and time.

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