1 September 2016

posted a review of Eybler’s Requiem. That one wasn’t on my working plan – it’s just that I received a new shipment of CDs today from an eBay seller, and I had no idea who this Eybler was, I bought the CD out of curiosity and to benefit from postage rebates on combined shipment, so I decided to give it a cursory listen while attending to other things. Well… it certainly engaged my attention.

I looked at the discography of Eybler. Well – once again, it’s both exhilarating and frustrating. There’s a very respectacle number of recordings – again, sooooo much music vying for one’s boundless attention but limited time. Most of them, though, are sold on the marketplace at prices that are slightly above what I’m willing to pay for my numerous purchases. I can wait.

Eybler’s Requiem brought back to memory the one by Franz von Suppé, which I had heard many years ago – well, I guess it adds up to decades now – and found very memorable, and have wanted to listen again ever since. So I did, pulled out one of my pending versions from my shelves – by Roland Bader on Koch Schwann 3-1248-2 H1 (barcode 099923124825), a recording made in 1989 but a CD released only in 1996. Yeah, very beautiful, and what makes it stand out is how much of it sounds like Italian opera (a little bit like Rossini’s Stabat Mater). Very powerful, pathetic and dramatic, too – not the music you’d expect from this king of operetta. But I’m not ready to review that one right now, I’d need to buy a few more versions and spend some time on comparative listening. Time time time.

Irksome computer problems today, and I needed to vent that too – It’ll be the first off-topic discussion on this website. So with all that I didn’t tend to Yun today, alas.

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