18 August 2016

Continuing the As. Where’s a better place to start a collection than with Carl Friedrich Abel – alphabetically, I mean. Imported my reviews from Amazon and created a composers entry:

Carl Friedrich Abel: Chamber Music for flute. La Stagione. Cpo 999 209-2 (1994), originally posted on Amazon.com, 14 December 2015

Carl Friedrich Abel: 4 Flute Concertos. Karl Kaiser, La Stagione, Michael Schneider. Cpo 999 208-2 (1993), originally posted on Amazon.com, 14 December 2015

Karl Friedrich Abel: Ouvertures Sinfonias. Il Fondamento, Paul Dombrecht. Vanguard Classics 99703 (1994), originally posted on Amazon.com, 7 March 2010

Carl Friedrich Abel: Symphonies op. 10. La Stagione, Michael Schneider. Cpo 999 207-2 (1993), originally posted on Amazon.com, 10 December 2015

Since I had done Firsova, it seemed a good idea to do her husband too, Dmitri Smirnov. Imported my recent Amazon review:

An Introduction to Dmitri Smirnov. Patricia Kopatchinskaya (violin), Alexander Ivashkin (cello), Ivan Sokolov (piano). Megadisc Classics MCD 7818 (2002)

Continuing Aperghis: two reviews imported from Amazon:

Georges Aperghis: Tryptique (1982). Brigitte Sylvestre (harp) & Gaston Sylvestre (percussion). Transes Européennes TE 014 (1997), originally posted on Amazon.com, 11 May 2016

Georges Aperghis: Simulacres 1, A Bout de bras, Les Sept crimes de l’amour, Cinq couplets, Il gigante Golia, 280 Mesures pour clarinette. Ensemble Accroche-Note. Accord 201992 (1992), originally posted on Amazon.com, 11 May 2015 (total coincidence that they were posted exactly a year apart, only realized it now that I write the two dates one after the other)

Created entries for the label Transes Européennes, and, following the re-posting of my review of the Arditti-Trio Le Cercle Montaign CD, for composers Xenakis, Allain Gaussin and François-Bernard Mâche. Need to import my Amazon reviews of Mâche and Xenakis. Time time time.

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