A website for classical music lovers,
for record collectors,
for those with an interest in the art of interpretation,
for those with an interest in the art of listening.

Please note that this website is still under construction and not yet ready to go public. Eventually, here is what it has the ambition to provide:

  1. A Presentation of who I am, and what this website is about
  2. Many Reviews of classical music CDs
  3. Many Discographies, of composers, works, performers, labels…
  4. Many Discussions, I hope, on all subjects related to music
  5. A survey of the many Resources & Links that I constantly use in my activities as a music lover, record collector and discographer
  6. A Contact form

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear sir, good morning! I’m writing in English this time (I hope you don’t mind).

    I really appreciate the reviews written by an Amazon FR customer called Mélomaniac. Just out of curiosity: by any chance, are you and Mr Mélomaniac the same person?

    Warmest regards.

    Lúcio Soares
    Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

    1. Hi Lucio

      No! I’m not Melomaniac! I’ve published a few reviews on Amazon.fr in my early days of reviewing, until I gave up, such an ordeal it was to get reviews published on Amazon.fr (about that, you can read this). Then I spent a few happy years on Amazon.com – until it became an ordeal to publish serious reviews on Amazon.com as well.

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