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  1. I stumbled on your site quite by accident and was interested in the Discographies of Everest CDs and Vanguard CDs. These are not posted (even as Works-in-Progress) and I wonder if you will eventually make them available. Both series were available at one time from Omega, but neither Omega or Artemis seem to exist any more. The availability of an Everest and Vanguard comprehensive listing would be a valuable service to discographers and collectors.

    Regards, JG

    1. Hi Jerry

      Many apologies for not having immediately answered your message. I’ve been busy and away from even consulting my website these last few months, and am returning only now. Yes, I have comprehensive discographies of Everest CDs (that one is short, because the genuine Everest CDs, as remastered by Omega’s Seymour Solomon, were not many) and Vanguard CDs (very long and intricate, because the CD history of Vanguard is long and complicated, due to the changes in ownership, the differences between US and European distribution). Thanks for asking, that’ll give me the incentive for posting, be a little patient. Thanks again for your query and interest. Disco.

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