Henry Brant (1913-2008, Canadian, American)

True heir of George Antheil. A glee at making it totally outlandish. I’ve reviewed a log of CDs of Brant’s music, which I’ll slowly import on this website. My real discovery of his music was through:

Kingdom Come. Machinations. Phoenix PHCD 127 (1995) (from Desto DC-7108)

And an anecdote: after enthusiastically reviewing a lot of his CDs and being convinced that Brant was a major composer of the second half of the 20th century, I thought I should contact him, to let him know that he had at least one huge fan somewhere in the world… and announced so much in my last review. So I Google-searched for a website and contact info… only to happen on an obituary published only the day before, announcing that Brant had passed away a week before. Sigh…. maybe, if he had received my note of admiration in due time, it would have given him a new lease on life…

More on Brant on his website.

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