More beautiful cantatas by Telemann – a recording from a quarter-of-century ago


Listening further to Hänssler Classic’s 2017 Telemann compilation, mainly of recordings made between 1995 and 2015 by conductor Ulrich Stötzel and his forces from Hannover, many premiere recordings at the time (made with support from – and scores provided by – the Magsdeburg Telemann-Centre), and most still not re-recorded to this day. On CD 5 are three more magnificent cantatas, originally on Hänssler Classic 98.179 published in 1997, and I’ve just reviewed it. See my blog-post of yesterday for context.


Again, I’ve enjoyed those cantatas so much that I ordered the original CD, just for the history and context that I hope are provided in the booklet. The compilation comes with no liner notes nor lyrics.

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